Were you aware that as an exporter of goods, you may be eligible for a recovery of over 99% of all the custom duties that you may have paid on any imported material or good that was contained in those products? Also, did you know that with the necessary documentation prepared as per the norms and regulations, you can apply for a backdated refund of any sort of import duties that you paid going back three years from the date of your export? Well, we learn something new every day! You may be entitled to thousands or lakhs of rupees in duty drawback refunds — and be completely unaware of the same. Now, after you know that you are eligible to recover drawback, the most important question for claiming the same comes that do you have the resources or ability to efficiently compile and present the information to support the claim for your refund? OceanSkyLogistics will help you obtain the entire drawback you are entitled to and make sure that it reaches your bank account. We, at OSL, offer the duty drawback expertise and understanding you require, whether you are filing a claim or if you’re establishing a new drawback program. A drawback is a refund, in whole or in part, of the customs duties collected upon the importation of materials that are later exported unused or as a finished good. Drawback is pushed by exports. Efforts should begin exactly there and move backward to identify duty-paid elements used in making, or product on which duty was paid upon import and is then exported by you or any other company. If you’re entitled to recover drawback, you can count on us for assistance.

We provide all industry duty drawback where the process is governed and taken care of by our custom drawback agent. We have strategically placed our agents in various parts of the country. There are Custom Drawback Agents in Chennai, Custom Drawback Agents in Delhi, Custom Drawback Agents in Faridabad, Custom Drawback Agents in Jaipur, Custom Drawback Agents in Kanpur, Custom Drawback Agents in Ludhiana, Custom Drawback Agents in Gurgaon and Custom Drawback Agents in Mumbai to help you through the process.

Our drawback clearing agents are efficient and reliable when it comes to drawback services. They are appointed as Drawback Agents IGI Airport Delhi, Drawback Agents In Chennai, Drawback Agents In Delhi, Drawback Agents In Faridabad, Drawback Agents In Jaipur, Drawback Agents In Kanpur, Drawback Agents In Ludhiana, and Drawback Agents In Mumbai. Our highly skilled custom drawn=back consultant is always there or our service and guidance along with custom duty drawback agent to ensure that the paperwork is up to the mark. The custom duty drawback consultant we appoint will be our representative and ensure than you have an amazing experience with us.

Our features include:

  • Speed refunds — you get a check within three to four weeks via electronic filing.
  • Input of all data electronically.
  • Providing an accurate and comprehensive record keeping.
  • Create ongoing program-status updates.